Michigan Impact forges courageous conservatives who defend freedom, faith, and family.

We impact culture, people, and policy by bringing together individuals, leaders, and organizers to promote parental rights and American values through a conservative worldview.

Our initiatives drive meaningful change at the local level through personal connection, thought leadership, research, and education. We focus on measurable actions that result in long-term change, thriving families, and vibrant communities.


We believe our nation’s critical and complex challenges require local solutions built from the ground up. Our Constitutional Republic requires an engaged citizenry. Our team brings years of professional experience in marketing, communications, organizing, issue advocacy, data analytics, management, and more. We use consistency and positive messaging to impact the world around us to promote what is good, wholesome, and virtuous.

Michigan Impact’s model enables us to rapidly launch initiatives to address emerging issues, while at the same time maintaining a consistent focus on educating and advocating in the public square. This is important as we continue to build our beautiful county and state—to preserve the individual liberties we hold dear.


Michigan Impact, Inc. was founded by Joe Moss and Sylvia Rhodea. Our team is comprised of passionate professionals and is notably responsible for leading and advancing pro-freedom, pro-family initiatives and policies in Ottawa County, Michigan.

Joe Moss
President, Co-Founder

Sylvia Rhodea
Vice President, Co-Founder


We are passionate about preserving and protecting the individual rights of the people in Michigan, including freedom of speech, freedom of association, religious liberty, due process, and sanctity of conscience. These are essential qualities of liberty and freedom required for people and families to flourish in a civil society.

We are committed to defending the constitutionally protected rights of parents to make health and education decisions for their own children. We desire to preserve and pass on the blessings and heritage of America to future generations. We believe civic engagement, ground up, is critical to preserve a healthy, moral society.

We welcome you to join us in preserving and protecting the freedom and values which made the United States of America beautiful and prosperous, so the heritage of our founding principles may be enjoyed by generations to come.